The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee

“God’s requirements have not altered, but we are not the ones to meet them. Praise God, he is the Lawgiver on the Throne, and he is the Lawkeeper in my heart. He who gave the Law, himself keeps it.” So writes missionary Watchman Nee in his book called The Normal Christian Life . Some claim this  may be one of the world’s most well loved book about grace! If you have not read it yet, the chances are that you have at least  heard of it. You can get it here as a free download.

The Normal Christian Life, is as just as relevant today as when Watchman Nee wrote it back in the early 1950s. The first few chapters of teh book lay out a solid foundation of grace for the remainder of the book.

On the web you will find many unformatted copies of The Normal Christian Life book and put them up on the web. I guess the copyright expired – since it is such an old book. So if you can’t afford to buy this book through Amazon here , you can get  a free pdf version of the book,  The Normal Christian Life from here and here.

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